Harness racing in Ohio has been passed from generation to generation
for centuries.  Bringing confirmation that horse racing is definitely "in
the blood".  This family is no exception. Grandfather, James France,
handed the lines to his sons, Robert and William  and daughter Shirley .
Robert Brown, handed the lines to his sons, Brian, Pat and John.
Grandfather, Kenneth Harvey, handed the lines to his daughters
Melanie and Melinda and son Kenneth.  Melanie, who has not yet retired
her lines, is sharing them with her daughters, Amy, Jennifer and Stacy.
On June 18, 1988 Brian and Jennifer married, merging these two Ohio
racing families.
We found it only fitting to include a page on this website that depicts
the most recent generation.  
Please enjoy a view of a horse trainer's family life.....
Brian's parents, Annette (Annie)  and
the late Bob Brown with
Jessica, Kristen and Beau Brown
Brian, Bob Kramer and Jessica at the Oak Harbor fair.  
The bike is hooked to Bob's trotter, Woodmaker.
Mary Alice and the late  Kenneth Warren
Harvey.  Ken stood G T Skipper on his
breeding farm in Logan County, Ohio.
Jennifer's parents, Tony and Melanie Williams.  Tony is holding
Carson Hollar and Toni Hollar.  Beau Brown is on the sulky with
Jessica Brown standing in front of her Grandma.