BRIAN BROWN STABLE...A Tradition Continues....
Brian spent his boyhood summers watching his father, Robert H Brown, and uncle, William Brown,
campaign their colts at the Ohio fairs, Wheeling Downs, Hilliard Raceway and other Ohio Raceways.  
They rarely went to the post without his longing eyes on them,  wishing one day he too, could be out
there instead of behind the hub rail.
As Brian grew older and more experienced in his training miles, he eventually gained the trust of his
father who could no longer deny the dreams of the young starry eyed driver anymore. He received
his matinee license just in time for the racing season in 1981 at the age of 16.  He won his first race
at the Attica, Ohio Matinee behind Chelsea MacNoon on May 31, 1981 in 2:22. With his father,
Robert,and Uncle, Bill, as the winning owners.
The racing bug, had bit............ Brian eagerly grabbed the lines from his father and began making a
career of his own. Season after season,  he soon gained much needed exposure.   As his father
continued to develop tough competitive racing stock for his son to drive, other trainers soon took
notice and began using him as a catch driver.  
His most successful season as a driver came in 1986.  He found himself seated behind Candlelight Stable's fierce
two year old colt pacers, Marine Chris, Black Prince and No More Excuses as well as Burkholder Enterprises' solid
trotter, Cider Hill along with Janet Moser's Sammy's Misty Key and Annie's Child.
After a good ten year run, the driving bug faded and the love bug hit.  Brian and Jennifer married in 1988 and in
the early 1990's with two young children to feed, he eventually chose the safer route and devoted all of his time as
trainer enlisting the top drivers at the raceways and Ohio fairs.  Although a rare occasion does occur every now
and then when he will find himself behind the starting gate.  Usually he is working the kinks out of a young stakes
In a recent interview Brian was asked why he no longer drove the horses he trained.  His response was
"I feel that
my main concentration should be in training the horse to it's most competitive level that I can train it.  Therefore, I
feel, if I have done my job right, the horse deserves the "best" possible driver that's out there, and that's not me."
The late Robert H Brown (Father)
and Quickster Ann in 1981.
William Brown (Uncle Bill) aboard
Quickster Ann in 1981.
Robert H Brown
1931  -  2001
1989 WOCRA  Drivers Award  
Brian's first win aboard Chelsea MacNoon on May 31, 1981 at
the age of 16 at the Attica Matinee.
Newsmaker Matt winning back to back
heats at Richwood Ohio fair in 1989.
Fantastic Escort
Black Prince
Cider Hill
Marine Chris
Miss Kelly Cope
No More Excuses
Ships Falcon